About Surfmark

Surfmark is changing how you use the Web... creating ripples in the big pond.

Surfmark allows you to save all the effort you put in seeking knowledge from the Web, and turn it into something that you can keep for ever. When you combine these efforts with those of millions of other people, the impact can be so profound that it may just change the way we look at the Web.

We know that sounds insanely ambitious, but anything can be achieved when you break a problem down into its smallest components, and rebuild it into a ground-breaking solution.

With a small team, spread across the globe but whose epicenter lies in beautiful San Francisco, we are doing just that. Please contact us if you have anything you'd like to share.

Our office:
Surfmark Inc.
370 Convention Way
Redwood city, CA 94063

Email: support@surfmark.net

The Team

  • Photo: Vivek
    Vivek Agarwal

    Manages product development, the overall vision and direction of the Company. He is happiest whenever someone shows him a new way of using Surfmark.

  • Photo: Cristina
    Cristina Tejeda

    Heads up Biz Dev and marketing efforts to get the world surfmarking. A frequent traveler, she's discovered a way to leverage Surfmark to manage her bonus flier miles.

  • Photo: Kapil
    Kapil Kumar

    Leads technical development. Makes the most difficult programming challenges look like a walk in the park.

  • Photo: Simil
    Simil Dutta

    A programming wizard who loves nothing more than solving the toughest problems and dissecting the latest episodes of South Park.

  • Photo: Dano
    Dano Alexander

    Handles the challenges of UI Design, UX, Front-end Web Development with grace. Steady diet of pixels and coffee keep him lively.

  • Photo: Oliver

    Provides guidance, humor, wisdom and keeps our mini-hadron collider running smoothly.

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